What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning and the last thing before going to sleep? Chances are, you grab your phone and scroll through different social media platforms. How are you remaining up to date on the latest news? Again, through social media channels. Social media has become an inseparable part of our daily routines, and therefore, as a blogger, business-owner, or services provider, you need to not only maintain a social media presence, but also keep up with the many different trends that are relevant to you. How do you do this without being an addict on your phone? Continue reading this blog to the end as we will answer this question!

Did you miss it?

We all know the feeling when you see a trend but it’s too late to hop on it. Hopping on a trend too late might mean the difference between very positive engagement and almost none at all. Hence, it’s crucial for your social media presence to keep up with the trends.


What are social media trends?

Social media trends refer to the patterns, behaviors, and preferences of social media users that are currently popular or gaining popularity. These trends can include new features, technologies, or formats on social media platforms, as well as changes in user behavior and interests.

Why should you keep up with social media trends?

Social media marketing is challenging work as there are constant updates, new features , and changes in the algorithms of all the different social media platforms. Therefore, in order to maintain an active account and high engagement, social media marketers tend to spend more time scrolling through social media channels to find out the latest news and trends.

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How can you keep up with social media trends?

The trickiest part of trends is knowing how to keep up with them and catch them at their peak. To help you achieve that, here are a list of strategies to use:

1- Follow well-known influencers, as they often act as trend-setters. Social media is full of fake influencers, you need to find the real, authentic ones and know who to follow.

2- Use social media analytics tools to track engagement and behavior: When trying a specific strategy, always check your insights afterwards to know if it worked or not.

3-  Attend social media events and conferences: Benefit from others’ knowledge to increase yours.

4- Engage with your followers to gather feedback and insights. You can always post polls to ask your followers what they like and dislike and change your content accordingly.

5- Manage your time: Make some time to scroll social media channels on a daily basis

6- Benefit from Instagram’s search: You can search by keywords to find out the latest news.

7- Top Hashtags: Search through top hashtags to find out what’s trending

8- Look at Google Trends: Google Trends also helps you monitor trends in different countries. You can also use this tool to compare topics and see which ones are gaining the most traction

9- Create Google Alerts: Do you worry about not having the time to continuously check Twitter or Google Trends to find out what people are talking about? If so, consider creating Google alerts and let the search engine do the heavy lifting for you.You can set up Google alerts for specific topics or individual influencers in your industry. Then, you’ll receive alerts in your inbox letting you know when new content becomes available.

10- Keep an eye on the competition: Monitor what your competitors are posting and what’s getting more engagement.


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