There’s nothing more frustrating than working really hard on a reel, then posting it and not getting the number of views you targeted. You’d feel like all your hard work is gone. But don’t worry, we’re here to help, which is why we’ve compiled a few tips you can use to get those views up! How? Read the blog until the end to find out.


Why aren’t my reels getting views?

Once you post that reel and you notice that you’re not getting enough views, you start wondering why. Here are few reasons why your reel might be underperforming:

  • You purchased your followers: While many people deny it, we all know that lots of accounts purchase their followers because they believe that a large follower base means that the account is successful, however, this is exposed in the number of views and interactions. Do us, the hard working marketing specialists, a favor, and stop buying followers.
  • Copycat content: What makes a content creator’s work different is their way of shooting, posting, and editing; people can know who made the content just by watching the reel; if you copy that content, you’ll notice that you’re not getting enough views. For example, a content creator has her own makeup routine, and her own steps; when another content creator copies her, you’ll notice in the comment section that everyone is telling her don’t copy, you’re using X’ method… The list goes on. That’s why you need to be as creative as possible. 
  • You’re posting the reel at the wrong time: You should monitor your followers’ most active time and post accordingly. Does that sound like too much hassle?  Our Team Plus subscription can help you with your account’s insights through insight reports and more. Sign up and discover what we have to offer!
  • You’re overusing hashtags: Always choose quality over quantity when it comes to hashtags! Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags per post, so make sure to choose hashtags that are relevant to your business and post. But you should be careful not to use banned hashtags. You can avoid this at any time by creating a caption and hashtag request on our platform where our marketing experts will choose the proper hashtags for you.
  • You’re not posting your reels in full-quality: Some may not believe in this, but posting high resolution reels will definitely lead to more views.
  • You’re using audios that are banned in some countries: Using such audios will lead to having limited audience for your reel.